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Thought is only a flash between two long nights, but this flash is everything.
Henri Poincare,
1854 - 1912
French mathematician

Study skills series

Create, and study with, flashcards

This simple study technique has proved to be one of the most effective study strategies for memorizing

Flash cards are two-sided study aids that have
a cue, a question, a concept on one side, and
the answers on the opposite side:

  • Effective in quick or brief periods of time
    and cost-effective in terms of time and money
  • “Chunked” in small packs (Rule of 7-9 items)
    and convenient study tool at bus stops, on walks, in a line, etc.
  • Use individually, paired, or in a group
  • They can be a simple 3 x 5 card or a computerized program a handy note-taking strategy a matching game
  • Increase the difficulty
    by putting easy ones aside and focusing on the more difficult
  • Useful for a quick review
  • Instead of words, use pictures, illustrations, etc.
  • Take advantage of alternate learning styles and use when
    walking or pacing, talking out loud, etc.
  • Scatter about a room for visualized identity
    or the “Method of places”
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