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Conciseness is the sister of talent.
Anton Chekhov, 1860-1904 Russian playwright

Testing with success series

Short answer tests

A teacher's primary purpose
in giving a short-answer test is to test whether you have a foundation of knowing the material, usually factual.

Prepare for the test
Develop summary sheets of the course material information.
Focus on key words, events, vocabulary, concepts
Organize and categorize the material, then review

When taking the test

  • Respond directly to the question or directive
    Focus on keywords and ideas called for
    Eliminate those that do not directly address the information requested in the test item
  • Respond and write concise answers
    Connect key facts into short sentences according to the test instructions
  • If you can think of several answers
    let the instructor know. The instructor may give you a clue to the correct answer he/she's looking for
  • A guess made with common sense
    could get you more test points than if you leave an answer blank
Testing with success series

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