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Memory tempers prosperity, mitigates adversity, controls youth, and delights old age.
Firmianus Lactantius,
240 – 320
North African author

Guides for memorizing series

Memorizing using loci

Memorizing using the method of loci, a memory walk, or memory palace for up to twenty items

Select any location that you have spent a lot of time in and know well.
Good for kinesthetic learners!

Imagine yourself walking through the location, selecting clearly defined places--the door, sofa, refrigerator, shelf, etc. Imagine yourself putting objects that you need to remember into each of these places by walking through this location in a direct path.

Again, you need a standard direct path and clearly defined locations for objects to facilitate the retrieval of these objects.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Richard Nixon, you could imagine walking up to the door of your location and seeing a dollar bill stuck in the door; when you open the door Jefferson is reclining on the sofa and Nixon is eating out of the refrigerator.

...a memory palace. This ancient mnemonic device was used by orators in Greece and Rome, and is still a trade secret of modern memory-contest champions. A practitioner visualizes a large edifice with a warren of rooms that she furnishes with familiar objects. She then attaches the items or thoughts that she wishes to recall to the objects. As she walks mentally through the edifice, they act as prompts.

Thurman, Judith. (April 23, 2012). Drawn From Life The world of Alison Bechdel. The New Yorker. page 54.

Select any location that you have spent a lot of time in and know well.
Use its locations to cue memory

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