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Genius is nothing
but a great aptitude
for patience.
George-Louis Buffon
1707 - 88
French naturalist

Project management and motivation series

2. My intrinsic motivation

* Intrinsic motivation is your personal motivation,
and includes your goals, your values, and your interests.
This is what turns you on!

Studies have found that if you are intrinsically* motivated you will

    • put in more effort
    • try different ways to succeed
    • be more persistent
    • learn more deeply


I want to learn to type or text faster to communicate with my friends. 
I want to learn about Africa to learn about my family's history.
I want to work and learn in a ski shop to ski better and get discounts on equipment.
I want to learn joinery to make a bookshelf.

Write three reasons you want to learn in a project:
focus on your needs, benefits, curiosity, pleasure
Be honest with yourself--




Print and/or post this "intrinsic motivation" on your wallboard, or in your notebook or computer diary.  Keep the focus on your needs, benefits, curiosity, pleasure, etc.

3. My extrinsic motivation

Extrinsic motivation comes from outside yourself and is not as effective as intrinsic motivation. It includes the goals, values, and interests of others as they affect you. You learn in order to avoid punishment, or to get a reward, or to please someone.


I learn dates to pass a history test.
I learn this computer program as a job requirement.
I learn how to kick to please my coach.

Extrinsic motivation is not bad, it just isn't as effective as intrinsic motivation.
Keep intrinsic reasons first whenever possible.

Write out three reasons someone else wants you to learn this




Do not post "extrinsic motivation" on your wallboard or in your diary
but place it aside for later; or place it as the last page in your notebook diary.
Keep focus on your motivation, not that of others.

Project management and motivation series

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