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The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.
Mark Twain, 1835 - 1910
American author

Time management series

My school calendar; my goals:

(This is the big picture, don't include too much detail)

  1. Pick up a copy of your school's term/semester calendar
  2. Develop a calendar of important dates for your classes: 
    Tests, papers, projects, readings, mid-term and final exams, holidays, breaks, study days, etc.
  3. Enter important dates for your work, social and family life
  4. Each week develop a daily schedule
    that includes routines and important dates
  5. Post this schedule in your study area 
    for referral and review, and to mark your progress
  6. Each evening develop a schedule to help you organize the next day,
     include routines, errands and important appointments
  7. Review each day's schedule that morning

Making a habit of the above suggestions will be a product of

Motivation! | Trial and error! | Practice!

  1. Document the sequence!
    Note that you need to write these down, either for posting on a wall,
    or better yet, entered into your computer for reminders, especially 4-7.
  2. Commit to a trial period
    Three to four weeks or a month...
    Think of the schedule as an experiment, but commit yourself to it.
  3. Think of this as an "organizer"
    rather than a task list.  Your to do lists, etc. are part of #2.
    Set your computer calendar to remind yourself of important events
    as numbers 4 - 7
  4. Relate this schedule to a reward
    and post it prominently as an incentive in your room.
    If you need to give up something, replace it with an postitive benefit.
  5. Find someone to partner with, or adopt a role model
    so that you can find reinforcement.  The person will not have the same school, family or work schedule, but can be there to encourage and suggest.
  6. Don't expect perfection
    it is the enemy of the good.
    You are developing a new or altered way of achieving your goals.  Sometimes, there will be events that interfere, and are cause for re-evaluating this schedule.

How did you do?

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