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Amy Tan, b1952 – , American author

Vocabulary series

Picturing vocabulary
and remembering words

Draw what comes to mind about the given word on a flashcards or pieces of paper.
On the opposite side write a deffinition or (funny) phrase with the word.
It will help them both understand and remember the word.

Build a flashcard word wall with students to compare and refer to

Work within a word wall to introduce new words to be illustrated

Use sign language. Provide your student(s) with a copy of the sign alphabet and help them learn to fingerspell a few vocabulary words for homework. In class, teachers might have students pair up and teach each other the words they learned. Not only will they learn to spell their  words, they will gain a life skill in the process!


There is no "correct" image, just what you picture!

Other strategies include photography and magazine cut-outs to illustrate stories and their vocabularies.

Vocabulary and spelling guides

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